It seems you can get a subscription for just about anything now. Whether it be organic vegetables or razor blades (I admit to having a subscription to a razor one!) you can get almost anything delivered regularly. Recently there was an offer I couldn’t refuse… Honest Brew were offering a six beer taster box for £9 delivered.

Honest Brew are one of a number of companies offering a selected beer delivery subscription. It’s certainly not cheap, but they do offer small run beers from micro breweries from all around the country and world. At £36 per month for 12 beers I will have to consider whether I want to keep it going, but I thought it was certainly work a punt for the taster.

It arrived this morning and I was pleasantly surprised by the initial selection. The great news was there was only one porter… anyone who knows my beer preferences knows I don’t like porters! There were beers from Beavertown, Tiny Rebel, Camden Town and Wild Beer Co, some of my favourites right there.

I’ve already made a start and cracked open the can of Beavertown Gamma Ray American Pale Ale. I’ve already had the pleasure of this one from The Beer Cellar in Exeter, but it’s great to have one at home sat in front of the telly. Despite its feisty 5.5% it’s a wonderfully light and hoppy ale.

I think I’ll wait til after the first proper delivery, despite the cost, so I can see what a typical box will be like after selecting my flavour preferences. There should certainly be no porters!

Anyone fancying a similar taster experience you can get one a bit cheaper via this link (and I get a free beer or two!).

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